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August 16th, 2011, 11:25 am


Important Updates/mainsite

Alright, lots of big news everyone! First and foremost, LOKI finally has it's own home! That's right, there is finally a mainsite.


It's a little bare right now but I'll have lots of content for you guys as soon as possible!

I'll keep updating here at smackjeeves for the forseeable future.

Also I mentioned a while back that I might be printing some books. In preparation for that I am completely redrawing Chapter 1, and the NEW shiny pages will be updated as I finish them on the mainsite. The first four are up right now :D

The other news is that LOKI now has it's own twitter account! I will announce comic updates (both here and at the mainsite) there as well any other important news! Be sure to follow it :D


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